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The Perfect Plant-Based Gift: Vegan Snack Box

Struggling to find a present for your vegan friend? Or are you unsure what actually are the best vegan snacks? You can now send a gift box full of delicious, tasty vegan snacks. Having a selection of the latest vegan-friendly snacks is such an easy way to discover new more plant-based treats. 

Build your own gift box full of vegan snacks as a thoughtful and personal present for someone! We'll get you started, some of the most special snacks for a vegan gift box can be found below:

Candy Kittens

Candy Kittens are the ultimate special sweet, the ones coated in sugar are usually vegan friendly as they don't contain honey. In this vegan gift bow, we're going to pop both a packet of Sour Watermelon and Tropical Mango!

 Candy kittens in Sour Watermelon

Deliciously Ella

Most of the time, you'll struggle to find gooey caramel that is vegan. That's why these Deliciously Ella Almond Butter and Salted Caramel Cups are pretty special. Topped with dark chocolate and a biscuit base, these are irresistible. 

Deliciously Ella Almond Butter Cups

Doisy and Dam

Doisy and Dam are great as they have plant-based equivalent of some of the best chocolates (and some incredible original flavours too!). You can choose from vegan Smarties, Maltesers, Nut Butter Cups and more classic vegan chocolates.

Doisy and Dam collection of chocolates


So many of us didn't realise that our 90s favourite snacks were vegan until recently! These Lemon, Sour Apple and Raspberry Refreshers Bar are our favourite nostalgic vegan treat.

 A box of refreshers bars in raspberry


Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Truffle

This luxury Swiss vegan hazelnut truffle bar is smooth & creamy, very similar to dairy based Swiss Chocolate. This pure vegan indulgence is the most special gift in this list!

 Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Truffle vegan chocolate bar

Vive Snack Bar

These nutty plant-based bars are 100% natural, and that's why they've made our vegan gifting list! It's an all-rounder, its got a crunchy hazelnut filling and coated in a Belgian dark chocolate.

Vive Hazelnut Vegan Bar with 10g protein


Wizards Magic Chocolate

This magic mint chocolate bar is a vegan answer to After Eights. The bar of chocolate is magical because its actually been created with immunity boosting properties and it's packaging is 100% recyclable.

Wizards Immunity Boosting Vegan mint chocolate bar

Your Vegan Gift Box

If you're thinking about sending this gift box, we've created the box for you ready to be sent out! Simply head to the filled cart here, where you can edit and checkout!

✨  Here's your perfect plant based gift box ✨

 Are you looking for more snack inspiration?

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Or simply head over to check out our online vegan snacks to fill your own box.

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